Rebirth for you: Hololive Production Booster Pack x1 (Personal Break)

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Rebirth for you: Hololive Production Booster Pack x1 (Personal Break)

* Personal , 1 pack opened live on stream!

* 6 cards per pack/ 10 packs per box

"Booster Pack Hololive Production" is a Booster Pack released for the "Hololive Production" series.

Instead of the conventional BOX PR, one foil in one BOX, a partner card with foil stamping specification is enclosed in the pack! In addition, in rare cases, a special partner card with a serial number may be included.

May contain a stamped card with the recorded talent. May you get one of your favorites!

Character cards using deformed character illustrations of all recorded talents and illustrations drawn by many guests are Reverse cards! You can enjoy various illustrations such as illustrations based on the distribution so far.

You can mix and play with 6 types of trial decks released from August to October.

In addition, since the booster pack has fewer constraints on deck construction, it is a title that makes it easy to build a deck with a lot of your own inspiration.

Neo Standard Classification:
Can be made into decks with cards with numbers starting from "HP/".

  • 6 cards in 1 pack / 10 packs in 1 box
  • Includes 152 cards (9 RRR, 18 RR, 35 R, 36 C, 9 ReR, 18 ReC, 27 BP) + 206 Parallel cards (27 SNP, 81 SP, 35 R+, 36 C+, 9 ReR+, 18 ReC+).

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