How Our Shipping Works

We offer many affordable and fair shipping options for customers around the world. All of our shipping comes with tracking and is carefully packaged and protected to ensure your cards and collectibles arrive safely at your door. All of our options offer a large capacity of cards to be delivered WORLDWIDE for the price of the option selected!  Here is a little understanding of how the process works.

When placing your order for breaks, it is not required to pay for shipping immediately. You may choose the ORDER HOLD option and we will safely store your products with us until you are ready to ship. This is the best option if you think you will be breaking with us throughout an extended period of time. This will also allow you to take advantage of the various shipping box size options we offer to its fullest extent.

When you are ready to ship your products/cards, you may then use the SHIP MY STUFF! link on our homepage. This page will show a product at $0.00. Add that item to your cart. After you input your credentials, you may then select the appropriate shipping option for your orders. Again, this method is for customers who have selected the ORDER HOLD option for their previous breaks with us.

You may also pay for shipping at the same time you are purchasing your breaks. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD THE SHIPPING FEE PRODUCT TO YOUR CART. You will automatically be prompted on all orders to a shipping page. You may then choose to either hold the cards with us until you are ready to ship or an appropriate shipping option for your breaks to ship out on the next date of shipping. 

We ship out every MONDAY here in Japan. If there are any changes to the shipping schedule, we will post in our shipping information Discord channel. If you have questions or inquiries regarding shipping or how it works, you may always reach out to Trainer_Trav via email (  or Discord (clickable link to the Discord).

*DISCLAIMER* Any orders/breaks that have not had shipping paid for within 3 months of the LAST ORDER placed will be forfeited. Every order you place will reset that timer. I understand things come up and life has priorities. If you at least communicate with me somehow, I can extend that timeframe no problem. 

Pictures below for the various shipping box sizes we offer:

22.8cm x 16.9cm x 2.9cm box

26cm x 9.5cm x 11.8cm box (up to 2kg)

35.8cm x 25cm x 19.3cm box (up to 5kg)