2021 TOPPS US Olympics & Paralympic Team Hopefuls Hobby PACK x1 (Personal Break)

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2021 TOPPS US Olympics & Paralympic Team Hopefuls Hobby PACK x1 (Personal Break)

* Personal, 1 box break opened live on stream!

* 8 cards per pack / 24 packs per box!

* Only hits will ship unless option for all cards is selected! Hits include the colored or parallel cards, number cards, memorabilia and autographs! 


100 cards showcasing elite athletes vying to compete in Tokyo this Summer

Base Card Parallels:
- Bronze - 1 per pack
- Silver - 1:4 packs
- U.S. Flag - #'d to 99
- Gold - #'d to 25
- FoilFractor - 1 of 1

Autograph Base Card Parallels:

- Base version - limited
- Silver - #'d to 50
- U.S. Flag - #'d to 25
- Gold - #'d to 20
- FoilFractor - 1 of 1

Olympic Champions Past Olympic medalists' autographs are featured on these cards. Limited to 99 or less.

- U.S. Flag Parallel - #'d to 25
- Gold Parallel - #'d to 20
- FoilFractor - 1 of 1


New to the Games!

Celebrating sports and athletes from newly-debuting events.

Olympic Heroes:

All-new original art depicting these elite participants as animated heroes.

For Pride and Country:

Showcasing Olympic and Paralympic Hopefuls and their hometown pride.

- U.S. Flag - #'d to 99
- Gold - #'d to 25
- FoilFractor - 1 of 1


TEAM USA Memorabilia Pieces:

Select athletes share cards with athlete-worn gear. Limited.

- Silver - #'d to 99
- Gold - #'d to 25
- FoilFractor - 1 of 1
- Event Icon Parallel - #'d to 50

Featuring a commemorative item depicting the athlete's discipline.

USOC Insignia Commemorative Relics:

Over 20 competitors share cards with specially commissioned USOC insignias. Numbered to 99.

- Silver - #'d to 50
- U.S. Flag - #'d to 50
- Gold Medal - #'d to 25

Achievement Medallions:

Up to 20 medal winners are showcased with commemorative medallions embedded in cards. Numbered to 99.

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