Flash Trading Cards Vol. 5 ~Miss Flash 2019~ BOX x1 (Personal Break)

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Flash Trading Cards Vol. 5 ~Miss Flash 2019~ BOX x1 (Personal Break)

* 1 master box opened live on stream.

* 28 cards per mini box / 2 mini box per master box

FLASH Trading Card Series 5th "Miss FLASH ~ 2019 ~" Official Trading Card Box / Shizuka Sakura / Natsumi Yamagishi / Moeka Anan Miss FLASH Girl Trading Card is finally on sale! Miss FLASH that started in 2006 ... Miss FLASH Trading Card, which has produced gravure idols such as "Fumina Suzuki", "Mai Hakase" and "Aya Kawasaki", is finally on sale! The first of these is Natsumi Yamagishi, Moeka Anan, and Shizuka Sakura, three of Miss FLASH 2019! In the trading card, which is the first time for all three people, their "raw kiss" and "bikini cheki", as well as "selfie cut" in bikini and "bikini" worn at the time of shooting are all made into cards!

■Regular cards (54 types)
Set of 3: 18 types
Natumi Yamashiishi: 9 types
Shizka Sakura: 9 types
Anan Moe Flower: 9 types
Shuffle: 9 types
■ Rare cards (36 types)
Hand signed cards: 6 types; *3 people x 2 each
Raw kiss card: 3 types *3 people x 1 each
Pinched Raw Kiss Cards: 3 types *3 people x 1 each
Selfie cards: 3 types; *3 people x 1 each (6 types of patterns each).
Bikini strap card: 3 types; *3 people x 1 each
Pinspo bikini cards: 18 types; *3 people x 6 types.
■ W rare card (5 types)
Hand signed & live photo cards: 3 types; *1 each of 3 people (6 types of images in the live photos).
W kiss card: 2 types; *1 each of Yamanishi & Anan, Yamashi & Sakura.
■ Triple Rare Cards (9 types)
Pinspo Bikini All Cards: 9 types *3 types of each

■ Masterpiece Card (6 types)
1/1 bikini hook cards: 6 types; *3 people x 2 types.

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