2023 BBM Genesis Baseball PREMIUM Box x1 (Personal Break)

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2023 BBM Genesis Baseball PREMIUM Box x1 (Personal Break)

* 1 box opened live on stream.

* 5 cards per pack / 5 packs per mini-box / 4 mini-box per master-box

☆Gorgeous and gorgeous! Introducing the popular luxury edition series of BBM baseball cards!

☆Get super rare cards of superstars representing Japanese professional baseball!
☆Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Aki Sasaki, Munetaka Murakami, and Teruaki Sato created super patch cards using home jerseys, visitor jerseys, and caps!
☆Yuki Yanagita, Tetsuto Yamada, Keita Sano and others also produced a super patch card of “Captain Mark”!
☆Two types of jersey autographed booklet cards are available: Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Munetaka Murakami!
☆The super patch version booklet card has the best combination ever with Yoshinobu Yamamoto x Aki Sasaki!
☆In addition to star players such as Aki Sasaki, Munetaka Murakami, Koji Chikamoto, and Nobuhito Morishita, the much-anticipated autographed ball signatures include notable rookies!
☆We plan to introduce 10 types of big patch autographs and memorabilia, the most ever in the series!
☆Producing the ultimate quartet memorabilia by Yoshinobu Yamamoto x Aki Sasaki x Munetaka Murakami x Kazuma Okamoto!
☆Triple Memora is composed of Samurai Japan members such as Tetsuto Yamada x Hidego Maki x Takumu Nakano!
☆The cross sign featuring Masahiro Tanaka, Koya Ishikawa, Gomasa Kato and others has been redesigned to be vertical!
☆In addition to the "ELITE OF NINE" and "GAME CHANGER" high-grade inserts, we also produce new inserts exclusive to rookies and "COMBO CROSS FOIL SIGNING" by players from other teams such as Yamashita Shunpei x Hiroto Takahashi!

[Card composition]
☆Regular card
□Regular (9 players for each team) 108 types *Parallel version available for all types
□Checklist (1 type for each team) 12 types
☆High-grade insert card
□ELITE OF NINE (special plastic processing) 12 types
□GAME CHANGER (3D changing) Processing) 12 types
□ Rookie limited insert (special holo processing) 12 types
☆ Premium insert card
□ Memorabilia card α type
□ Big patch card α type
□ Super patch card α type
□ Grip end card α
type Combo memorabilia card α type
□ Triple memorabilia card α type
□ Quartet memorabilia card α type
□ Autographed ball card α type
□ Autograph & memorabilia card α
type □ Cross autograph card
α type □ Special autograph card α type
□ Booklet card α Seeds

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