2023 BBM Baseball 1st Version BOX x1 (Personal Break)

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2023 BBM Baseball 1st Version BOX x1 (Personal Break)

* 1 box opened live on stream!

* 6 cards per pack / 20 packs per box

* Japan's #1 baseball cards!

* Look for the hottest Japanese rookies and veteran greats!

Product Details:

☆ The cross brand for 2022 is "CROSS MOON" with the theme of "moon"!
☆Regular foil signature parallel editions limited to 25 or less adopt new special holo processing!
☆ A lineup of notable players who have transferred to the foil signature parallel and 3 rookies from each team!
☆Rookie Parallel uses metallic silver paper for a hard finish!
☆Regular Foil Sign Parallel and Rookie Parallel are 1 of 1!
☆In addition to the secret version and ultra secret version, there is also a super rare super ultra secret version?

☆ 50 high-end rare inserts "Amazing" are developed with the main players of each team!
☆ Japanese style insert "JAPONISM" is a lineup centered on members of SAMURAI JAPAN!
☆ The beautiful "CROSS FOIL SIGNING" features 6 popular star players from the Giants!
☆ Also pay attention to the 3D cloth that developed the design of the cross brand!

<Special insert>
☆The 1st place draft rookies who are paying attention to Cross's autographed cards are here!
☆Very popular buyback autographs prepared by star players and leaders of each team!
☆Enjoy variations such as the "JAPONISM version" of the autographed card and the "special version" of the holo processing!
☆ Check out the valuable combo signatures of Dora 1 rookies!
☆ The number of memorabilia cards has increased to 4, and last season's MVP, Yoshinobu Yamamoto and others will produce them!
☆ Produced "Quartet Memora" for the first time in the 1st version!

Product details All collection 438 types + α
<Regular cards>
□ Regular 324 types
* Each team has a secret version, an ultra secret version, and a super ultra secret version.
* There are foil sign parallels for each team of 9 types. * Parallel versions are available for 69 types of rookie cards. □Team Checklist 12 types

<Cross Brand>
□CROSS MOON 36 types <Insert Card>
□Amazing 24 types
□JAPONISM 12 types
□3D CROSS MOON 12 types

<Special Insert Card>
□ Memorabilia card α
-class Combo memorabilia card α
-class Quartet memorabilia card α-class
Cross autograph card α-class
Combo autograph card
α-class Japonism
autograph card α
-class Special autograph card Type α

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