2022 Panini Donruss Clearly Football Hobby BOX x1 (Personal Break)

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2022 Panini Donruss Clearly Football Hobby BOX x1 (Personal Break)


* 1 hobby box opened live on stream.

* 5 cards per pack / 4 packs per box

* Look for 1 autograph per box (on average)


BASE: Chase a 50-card all-acetate base set, which features the brightest stars from today's NFL landscape!

- Base Gold
- Base Purple #'d /175
- Base Blue #'d /99
- Base Orange #'d /75
- Base Red #'d /49
- Base Green #'d /25
- Base Black #'d /10
- Base Gold #'d /5
- Base Holo Platinum #'d 1 of 1
- Base Holo Mosaic

RATED ROOKIE: Hunt down a 50-card Rated Rookie checklist, which is loaded with the top talent from this year's deep draft class!

- Rated Rookie Gold
- Rated Rookie Purple #'d /175
- Rated Rookie Orange #'d /75
- Rated Rookie Red #'d /49
- Rated Rookie Green #'d /25
- Rated Rookie Black #'d /10
- Rated Rookie Holo Gold #'d /5
- Rated Rookie Holo Platinum #'d 1 of 1
- Rated Rookie Holo Mosaic
- Rated Rookie Holo RR Logo

CLEARLY RATED ROOKIE: Look for the iconic Rated Rookie card design printed on acetate with a bold autograph in Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs!

- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Purple #'d /175
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Blue #'d /99
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Orange #'d /75
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Red #'d /49
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Green #'d /25
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Black #'d /10
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Holo Gold #'d /5
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Holo Platinum #'d 1 of 1
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Holo Mosaic
- Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs Holo RR Logo

CLEARLY THE ROOKIES AUTOGRAPHS: An acetate spin on a fan favorite rookie card, look for Clearly The Rookies, as well as its autograph parallel!

- Clearly The Rookies Red #'d /49
- Clearly The Rookies Green #'d /25
- Clearly The Rookies Holo Silver #'d /10
- Clearly The Rookies Holo Gold #'d /5
- Clearly The Rookies Holo Platinum #'d 1 of 1
- Clearly The Rookies Holo Mosaic
- Clearly The Rookies Autographs max #'d /25

CLEARLY CHAMPIONS: The champs have arrived! Be on the lookout for some of the game's all-time big winners in Clearly Champions!

- Clearly Champions Red #'d /49
- Clearly Champions Green #'d /25
- Clearly Champions Holo Silver #'d /10
- Clearly Champions Holo Gold #'d /5
- Clearly Champions Holo Platinum #'d 1 of 1
- Clearly Champions Holo Mosaic
- Clearly Champions Autographs max #'d /25

CLEARLY RETRO RATED ROOKIES: Paying homage to some of the most iconic rookie cards in the NFL's recent history, be on the lookout for recreations from some of the NFL's biggest stars such as Patrick Mahomes II, Dak Prescott, Josh Allen and many more in an acetate version of their Rated Rookie card!

- Clearly Retro Rated Rookie 2018 Holo Platinum#'d 1 of 1

GRIDIRON MARVELS: The NFL's biggest heroes are back and better than ever and in acetate form, landing at one in every third case on average, be on the hunt for Gridiron Marvels!

- Gridiron Marvels Holo Platinum #'d 1 of 1

NU-CLEAR: An all new short print in 2022, be on the look out for the explosive hit, Nu-Clear!

- Nu-Clear Holo Platinum #'d 1 of 1

DOWNTOWN: One of the hobby's favorite SP inserts returns in acetate form in Clearly Donruss, which features creative city driven artwork behind some of the NFL's top stars!

- Downtown Holo Platinum #'d 1 of 1

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