2022-2023 Topps Chrome UEFA Club Competitions LITE Hobby PACK x1 (Personal Break)

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2022-2023 Topps Chrome UEFA Club Competitions LITE Hobby PACK x1 (Personal Break)


* 1 pack opened live on stream.

* 4 cards per pack / 16 packs per box

* Look for autographs! (not guaranteed in LITE boxes)

* Look for 4 exclusive Ray Wave parallels per box!

UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA European Conference League veterans and future star players!
Lava parallels and new seismic parallels are also available!
Parallel ⇒ Refractor (1 in 3 packs) [H], Refractor (1 in 4 packs) [L], Pulsar (2 in 1 box) [H], Black and White Ray Wave (4 in 1 box) [L] ], Fluorescent Green Shimmer Refractor (#/399) [H], Fluorescent Green X Fractor (#/399) [L], Pink Shimmer Refractor (#/250) [H], Pink X Fractor (#/250) [L], Night Vision Ray Wave (#/225), Aqua Wave (#/199)[H], Aqua Refractor (#/199)[L], Pink Mini Diamond (#/175)[H], Blue Refractor (#/150), Color Match (#/99), Blue Gold Seismic (#/75), Toppsfractor (#/52), Gold Refractor (#/50), Gold Mini Diamond (#/50) [H] , Black Gold Seismic (#/30), Orange Refractor (#/25), Black Refractor (#/10), Red Foil (#/5), Super Fractor (1/1) base HERO variations are also available

★ Insert 1 in
1959 Topps 4 pack.
New appearance. A chrome version of the 1959 Topps reprint design!

1 per Wonderkids 9 pack. New appearance. A collection of promising young players.

1 per Golazo 18 pack. Scorer recorded!
Refractor Parallel ⇒ Blue (#/150), Yellow (#/125), Blue Wave (#/75), Gold (#/50), Orange (#/25), Black (#/10), Red (#/5), Super Fractor (1/1)

1 per Joga Bonito case. [H] New. Due to its popularity, it has been revived more than ever! The highest peak player in a beautiful game is recorded!
Refractor Parallel ⇒ Gold (#/50), Orange (#/25), Black (#/10), Red (#/5), Super Fractor (1/1)

Introducing Specimens . Refractor Parallel ⇒ Blue (#/150), Yellow (#/125), Blue Wave (#/75), Gold (#/50), Orange (#/25), Black (#/10), Red (#/) 5), Super Fractor (1/1)

New Hobby Masters ! Short print insert. Collect Masters and become a Collector Master!

One per case. Collect future generations of players from iconic inserts!

★ Hand-Drawn Autograph
Chrome Hand-Drawn
Autograph Autographs of legends, rookies, and star players are included! Dual and triple auto also available!
Refractor Parallel ⇒ Aqua (#/199), Blue (#/150), Fluorescent Green (#/99), Blue Wave (#/75), Gold (#/50), Orange (#/25), Black (#/#/25) /10), Red (#/5), Super Fractor (1/1)

Chrome Dual Autograph [H]
Refractor Parallel ⇒ Orange (#/25), Black (#/10), Red (#/5), Super Fractor (1/1)

Chrome Triple Autograph [H]
Refractor Parallel ⇒ Black (#/10), Red (#/5), Super Fractor (1/1)

1959 Introducing the Topps Auto [H] . Super Fractor (1/1)

Introducing Wonderkids Auto [H] . Super Fractor (1/1)

Introducing Specimens Auto [H] . Super Fractor (1/1)

Golazo Auto [H]
Super Fractor (1/1)

Introducing Joga Bonito Auto [H] . Super Fractor (1/1)

Limited Chrome Autograph [L]

Black and White Ray Wave Parallel [L]

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